SARKI Personal Space Heater, 5-inch Portable Electric Ceramic Heater with 3 Setting

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Are you disturbed with noise from the current heater you are using? It’s high time to walk into the shops and get your Personal space heater as it is quite environmental friendly .This notwithstanding it is also small in size that makes it easier to carry from place to place.

SARKI Heater

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Not like other type of heaters which have got fixed settings , this cool ceramic space heater has both high and low settings that’s gives its users a variety of options while making adjustments depending on their preferences.

This heater also heats very fast but in connection it has got a double overheating protection that makes it safer to use. Worried of how safe it is? , the heater has several safety measures installed with it and therefore its current and future users enjoys it with a relaxed peace of mind.

Features Of This SARKI Personal Space Heater

  1. The heater is designed to oscillate at 90 degrees that makes it provide warmth over a wide area at the same time.
  2. Personal ceramic heater comes with its fan that is designed so big in size and this helps it convey air more efficiently.
  3. The electric heater of the ceramic heater can be adjusted both at high and low heat settings. For example at 950W high heat and 450W low heat. Its fan settings are also adjustable.
  4. Personal space heater is also known of its PTC heating technology that makes it heat just in a few seconds.
  5. The heater has got many safety measures designed with it which includes resistant plastics, tips given over protection that makes it appealing to its users to operate the device peacefully.
  6. Personal space heater is also small in size making it more convenient to carry and move at any of your place of interest.
  7. It also has buttons that are very easy to use making its control easier for its users.

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  • The heater rotates at 90 degrees; this makes it provide heat over a wide view making it more preferable to other types of heaters.
  • Personal space heater has various precautions in form of writing that warns its users on doing specific actions with the also has safety measures itself that makes it more safer to use while in a room.
  • The heater has got both an adjustable fan settings that is rarely found in other types of heaters. In addition its thermostatic settings can also be adjusted making it possible for its users to achieve their expectations not as other types that have limited and fixed settings.
  • Its size is also small in appearance allowing its users enjoy its convenience in most places for example one can move from sitting room to bed room ,depending on the need at a particular time.


  • The heater is too much expensive and furthermore does not meet buyer’s expectations. For example the heater is not favorable in case one needs to warm up his/her feet.
  • The duration for which this personal space heater works is very small, that is it functions extra well when purchased but within few months, breaks down in some cases if not all. This makes the expected new buyers fear as the cost of purchase is high, and as a result its durability would also be expected to be high.

Final Note

Although there are some limiting factors of personal space heater, the advantages are just uncountable. When looking for a type of heater that could make your feet below your studying desk for example feel warmth, personal space heater would not be beneficial to purchase to mean, other types would be preferred.

Otherwise it is the most preferred type when in need to heat up your small rooms like bathroom or bedroom. Try it out by having it and you will enjoy your room than ever before.

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