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How to Maintain a Swimming Pool and What Cleaners and Accessories You Need?

A lot of people have considered getting a swimming pool but have been discouraged from doing so by the people who tell them that the maintenance on a swimming pool is an absolute nightmare. The truth is that maintaining a swimming pool does require a little time and effort on your part, but the work is not overly hard to do, and sometimes it is even fun to do.

How to take care of a pool

Taking care of a swimming pool is not just scooping out the leaves and trash from the water. There are several things you have to do in order to properly maintain a pool. In order to know what chemicals you need to add you must have a Ph testing kit for your pool. Your Ph level will indicate what chemicals are needed, how much of the chemicals are needed, and whether your pool water is sanitary or not. Check your Ph balance at least once a week during times when the pool is being used very little and every day if the pool is being used regularly.


Pool water cannot remain crystal clear and sanitary unless you put chemicals into the water. Different chemical elements do different things for your water. The following are the basic pool chemicals you need.

Sanitizers to disinfect the water

You can buy sanitizers such as TriChlor in tablets or sticks. These sanitizers are designed to be added to your chlorine floater and they gradually help to stabilize the amount of chlorine ( also known as bromine) in the pool water.

You can also buy this in a granular form. You sprinkle the granules over the surface area of the pool and allow the pool filter to circulate it throughout the pool. This is an instant way to chlorinate the pool.


The oxidizers also disinfect and sanitize your pool water. You add oxidizers to the pool water ever seven to ten days depending on the Ph level of your pool and the amount of activity your pool has seen. If your pool has been heavily used then you will have to increase your sanitizers and oxidizers to help the water return to a proper Ph balance.

Some good oxidizers are:

  • Calcium Hypochlorite which is best used when the Ph level is 7.2 or lower. This is an instant shock to the pool.
  • Chlorine Free Shock which is actually potassium monopersulfate in a granulated form. It is oxygen based and leaves no residue. You can swim in water that you have just added this chemical to with no ill effects.
  • Lithium shock is actually lithium hypochlorite and this is excellent to use in pools that have liners because it completely dissolves and you can swim in the water immediately after applying.
    • Soda ash in a granulated form will help you to increase your Ph level
    • Sodium Bisulfate will help you to lower your Ph levels
    • Sodium Bicarbonate will increase the alkalinity of the water
    • Calcium chloride will increase the hardness of the water
    • Sodium Thiosulfate can be used if the chlorine in the pool is too high

The following chemicals are used in the winter and the summer months. You will use a greater amount of chemicals in the summer because the oils from human bodies help to make the Ph balance of the water go up and down. In the winter the water will not be subjected to the same amount of oils and contaminants, but in the winter the water sits for long periods of time and this can cause certain Ph balance complications, and can encourage algae growth.

Winter Pool Care

In the winter months check your Ph balance about once a week and add the proper chemicals accordingly. You need to turn the pool pump on and let it circulate the water for at least 6 to 8 hours so that all chemicals are evenly distributed and the water does not become stagnate.

Pool Cleaning Accessories

Pool Vacuums

You can buy automated pool vacuums that will sweep along the sides and bottom of your pool trapping any debris for you. These vacuums are usually operated when the pool is not in use.

Chlorination Floaters

These items hold large chlorinated tablets and they float in the pool. They are often shaped like frogs or something cute. The tablet is sealed inside the device so it does not harm anyone using the pool. This allows chlorine to be slowly added to the water so when the pool is being used heavily or the sun is shining brightly on the water the chlorine does not become depleted.

Final Thoughts

Pool cleaning is not that hard or time consuming if you do it on a regular basis.