Regal Portable Electric Fireplace Stove by e-Flame USA

e-Flame USA is a recognized brand in the market as far as portable fireplaces are concerned.  The fireplaces produced by the company are electrically driven and can add warmth to any part or room of your home.  

Regal Portable Electric Fireplace Stove by e-Flame USA (Matte Black)

The e-flame fireplaces create an inviting atmosphere and that too without any ashes or wood whatsoever. The regal portable fireplace produced by the company is just another addition to their classical offerings.

Features Of This Electric Fireplace Stove by e-Flame

  1. This electric fireplace stove is home to burning log effect and dancing flames. The overall designing of the stove is graceful and dignified.  The elegant curves of the model fit exceptionally in the corners. The stove is lightweight which means that it can be very easily transferred from one room to another.  You can place this unit in any part of your home whether it is your garage, bathroom or even guest room.
  2. The product is equipped with a wonderful fan-forced heater with settings that are very easy to adjust even for heat distribution.  The beauty of the flames lies in the reality that they are free from any heat option, This means that you can relax through visual enjoyment throughout the year.
  3. The product has adequate safety and protection features. One key feature in this regard is that of Automatic shut off. This feature prevents the system from getting overheated especially if knocked over.  The unit is overall free of any odor and smoke. It is safe for everyone to use whether it be your pet or kids.
  4. The exact dimension of this stove is 25" x 22.5" x 12.5".  The stove has 40-watt bulbs which can be easily replaced as well as maintained.  The stove also comes along with a long cord of 6 feet which can be effortlessly plugged into any household outlet. 
  5. The stove has an opening door which is manufactured via sturdy black mesh.  The unit has the ability to produce heat of 5115 BTUs. This amount of heat is sufficient to warm up a 400 square feet room.  Finally, it is fairly easy to assemble the different accessories that come along with the unit.


Some reasons because of which the fireplace stove is ideal for you are mentioned below:

  • The stove can be easily dressed up to imitate your personal style.  Since all the exterior faces remain cool, they are the most optimum place to show your home accessories and seasonal decor. 
  • The stove will serve as a perfect economical solution for you. As compared to gas the unit consumes 90% less energy which surely cuts down your electricity bills.  The stove has dual heat setting option which heats up the unit pretty quickly.  All in all the stove is cost effective.
  • The installation and setting up of this unit does not involve any rocket science. The mere following of the instruction manual will do the job for you.
  • The mesh door provides a realistic look at the stove. Overall the unit heats the room faster.


  • Maintenance issues can arise with the passage of time.
  • Heating related issues have also been reported relating to this unit.

Final Note

There is no scarcity of this stove in the market and if you really think that you need this item then now is the right time to purchase it. The features and benefits provided by the stove are unique and one simply cannot ignore them.

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