Three Awesome DIY Tabletop Fireplace Ideas

If you are someone that loves to create things yourself, then creating your own tabletop fireplace may be the next fun challenge for you. It is simpler than most people may think and you may find it more enjoyable than you thought you would. So we are going to give you a few great ideas for some DIY tabletop fireplaces. Make one or make them all, they will all make great assets to your decor.

You will have the pleasure of knowing you created that work of art. It will also great to hear someone ask, where can I get one of those, knowing you are the one who created it. Making your own will also save you money, which you can use for more projects or other things. 

Metal Planter Gel Burner

This is a pretty simple design that will look great in almost setting.  It only requires six easily found items, so you won’t have to struggle to find them. A tube of marine silicone, cheap glass frames (4), small rocks, metal planter with a lip edge and four sides (Pick the picture frames that have the glass insert that will fit your flower pots edges when all four sides are assembled as side walls). Any kind of metal mesh (make sure there is enough to go edge to edge on all four sides).

First step remove glass from picture frames, then construct a box by affixing each edge to each other with the silicone. Then let dry, the box should look like a box with all four sides and open edges. Once they are dry affix the box to the lip of the planter again with the silicone. Then again let it dry and adhere properly.  Next cut the mesh to fit inside your glass box. Once that is done, set it aside for a moment. 

Then place your open can or gel fuel into the center of the flowerpot. Then place the metal grate over it, the grate should be mainly supported by the lip of the planter. Next take the small rocks and spread them over the metal mesh. Now you are ready to test out your project, move the rocks that are over the gel can and light with a long match or long handled lighting tool. Most of the items can be found at your local dollar store to even save you more money, unless you already have some of the items on hand.

Ceramic or Large Pottery Bowl Fireplace

This is yet another easy DIY tabletop fireplace, this one uses ethanol as the fuel source. You could use gel with this if you choose instead. For this one you need only four main items. A larger ceramic bowl of your choosing can be lacquered or not. Medium size river rocks or similar and also some pebble stone for the top layer. A piece of aluminum foil and a metal fuel burn can. Which you can find sometimes in the outdoor area. A good can would be the replacement cans for a tiki torch. 

Line the bottom of the bowl with aluminum foil, then place empty burn can in middle. Then place medium rocks around the bottom half of burn can. Then fill in the rest with small stone level to the top of burn can. Fill burn can with your ethanol and light, I wouldn't recommend filling to the top. Fill about ¾ of the can. 

Flower Pot Burners

Another easy route to go is use flower pots, the plant regular standard flower pots. Use the same instructions as above to make them as well. You have control over the size, as well as if you want to use a gel can or use ethanol.

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