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If you’re a country boy or girl, you can appreciate some great country music playing at a rowdy bonfire. Where I come from, bonfires are synonymous with country music. It’s all about getting together with a group of friends, putting the tailgate down and cracking open a few cold beers to drink around the fire.

List of 10 Evergreen Country Songs To Listen Around The Fire Pit

As the night gets going, the country music gets louder and the fire gets bigger. Below is a list of my top 10 country songs to play at a bonfire. Some are old and some are new. Enjoy!

Number 10: Mountain Music By Alabama

I love Alabama. In my opinion, they are one of country music’s greatest bands ever. Alabama has sold over 65 million records since signing their first recording contract with RCA Records in 1980. Since then, the band which is now retired, had 42 number one singles and won countless awards including Grammy’s and several Entertainers of the Year awards in country music.

Mountain Music made its way on this list of top 10 country music songs to play at a bonfire because of its rock/bluegrass beat. It’s recently got somewhat of a revival thanks to Brad Paisley’s Old Alabama. Mountain Music debuted in January of 1982 on Alabama’s Mountain Music album and was their sixth number one hit.

Did you know that chert rocks are a type of sedimentary rock that may contain fossils? Not sure what this has to do with country music? Alabama references Chert rocks in their hit country song Mountain Music.

Number 9: Here for the Party By Gretchen Wilson

Who doesn’t love a little Gretchen Wilson to get the party started? I remember the first time I listened to Here for the Party, I was camping with a group of friends in the Maine woods. Since the only radio stations we could get (all 3 of them) were either in French or playing the oldies, we listened to cd’s the entire trip and Wilson’s was one of them. The song brings back some fun and fond memories and is why it made my list of top 10 country songs to play at a bonfire.

Wilson, a Pocahontas, Illinois native, moved to Nashville in 1996 and signed a record deal with Epic Records in 2003. A year later she blasted into country music fan’s hearts with her smash debut single Redneck Woman. Her second single and hit song, Here for the Party rose to the number two spot on Billboard’s 200 Album Chart. The album sold over 5 million copies making it 5X Multi-Platinum.

Did you know that Big and Rich helped Wilson get her start and that was after she repeatedly blew them off?

Number 8: She Thinks My Tractors Sexy By Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney has numerous hits such as When the Sun Goes Down and No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems. In fact, he has nineteen number one singles, so choosing only one to add to my list of top 10 country songs was pretty hard. In the end I couldn’t help but settle on She Thinks My Tractors Sexy. The song is on Chesney’s 1999 album Everywhere We Go and is Gold Certified by RIAA.

Chesney once tried to ride a police horse in Buffalo, NY and ended up getting himself arrested alongside Tim McGraw, for assault. Though the charges were later dropped, who else but a country boy would try to ride a police horse?

In fact, I have a friend who attempted to ride one of my Arabians one night after one of our winter bonfires and ended up on the ground pretty quickly. I won’t tell you what he landed in, but I’m sure you can make a great guess.

Did you know that Kenny Chesney sold over a million concerts tickets for eight summers in a row and has 14 albums that are gold certified or higher by the RIAA?

Number 7: Friends in Low Places By Garth Brooks

How many country fans have stood side by side in a bar or at a bonfire and sung Friends in Low Places with their buddies in tow or next to a complete stranger? The song, which debuted in August of 1990, became one of country music’s biggest hits of that year. The hit was part of Garth Brooks’ No Fences album which included other hits such as Two of a Kind and The Thunder Rolls.

Friends in Low Places made my list of top 10 country songs to play at a bonfire because the song has a tendency to bring everyone together, no matter how well they know one another. Also, everyone always seems to know the words and jumps in to sing a verse or two.

This song reminds me of when my brother got married. (I was still in elementary school at the time). I remember it playing and all his friends singing along at the party after their rehearsal dinner. Friends in Low Places has stuck with me since then and always reminds me of that time.

Did you know that Troyal is Garth Brooks’ first name and that he earned a degree in advertising at Oklahoma State University?

Number 6: Beer for My Horses By Toby Keith in Duet with Willie Nelson

Released in April of 2003, Beer for My Horses remained in the number one spot for six weeks on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. This song is on my top 10 country songs list because it’s about getting justice. Not sure what I’m not talking about? Next time you catch yourself singing along to this song, really listen to the lyrics. Plus, who doesn’t love a little Willie Nelson? The pair makes a great duo in this song.

Each time the chorus for Beer for My Horses plays at our bonfires, we always catch ourselves raising our drinks in a half-hazard toast and doing our best to sing along. I remember standing around the bonfire in the falling snow and needing a catchy song to get the blood flowing and help warm me up.

Beer for My Horses wasn’t the only hit on Toby Keith’s Unleashed album. Who’s Your Daddy also made it to number one on the charts. Keith has won a long list of awards since his self-titled debut album hit the airwaves in 1993.

Did you know that Toby Keith learned to play the guitar at age 8 and had a cameo in the Dukes of Hazard TV reunion movie?

Number 5: Bonfire By Craig Morgan

I know Craig Morgan’s Bonfire seems a little obvious to add to my list of top 10 country songs to play at a bonfire, but I don’t think my list would be complete without it. Released in 2008 on Morgan’s That’s Why album, the song epitomizes bonfires the only way a country boy can. Normally, the last thing you want at a bonfire is the cops, but in Bonfire, it’s okay. We’ve never had the cops show up at a bonfire, though I can’t say the same about the fire department. Luckily, we always keep things under control.

You may recognize some of Morgan’s other country music hits such as Redneck Yacht Club and International Harvester, another of one my favorites. Morgan has had 7 singles make the top ten on Billboard’s Country chart.

Did you know that Craig Morgan was in the United States Army and was stationed in South Korea?

Number 4: Dirt Road Anthem By Jason Aldean

Dirt Road Anthem – I can’t tell you how much I love this song. I have a feeling it’s going to be one we listen to for years to come. Aldean, born Jason Aldine Williams, released the Dirt Road Anthem in 2011 off his My Kinda Party album and it quickly rose to a number one hit on the Hot Country Songs chart put out by Billboard.

I don’t care what time it is, how warm or cold the temperature, when this song comes on the radio it makes me think of summer and relaxation and is why this song made my top 10 country songs list.

Aldean’s had several number one hits including Big Green Tractor and She’s Country. His father taught him how to play guitar as a child and soon they were practicing together.

Did you know Jason Aldean won a full baseball scholarship to college but turned it down?

Number 3: Country Girl (Shake it for Me) By Luke Bryan

Country Girl is a catchy song that one can’t help but crank up and sing along to. My list of top 10 country songs to play at a bonfire wouldn’t be complete without it. The song, part of Luke Bryan’s Tailgates and Tanlines album was released in March of 2011. You may recognize some of Bryan’s other country music hits including Rain is a Good Thing and All My Friends Say.

Trucks, tailgates, friends, and country music are what make a bonfire for me. I can’t tell you how many times the tailgates have come down and the country music has gone up at our bonfires. Country Girl is one of those feel good songs that has a way of getting people in the mood to party. If Luke Bryan keeps cranking out songs like this one, I think he’ll leave his mark in country music for sure.

Bryan began his country music career playing in small bars in the area of Leesburg, Georgia, his hometown. Did you know he worked on his father’s peanut farm after graduating college until moving to Nashville where it only took him two months to strike a recording deal?

Number 2: Down on the Farm By Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw is no stranger to making country music hits. In fact, he had eleven albums debut at number one in a row on Billboard’s Album charts. He’s even dabbled in acting and can be seen in films such as The Blind Side and Country Strong. He’s also no stranger to winning awards for his hit country music including Grammy’s and People’s Choice Awards.

I couldn’t resist adding Tim McGraw’s Down on the Farm to my top 10 country songs to play at a bonfire. Every time this song comes on the radio I can’t help but crank up the volume and sing along. Plus, it makes me wish I was at a bonfire. Farms and country living seem to go hand in hand with having a group of friends over and lighting a bonfire. We’ve had to pause a few times at our bonfires to return a loose bull or goat back to its pen.

Down on the Farm debuted in July of 1994 off of McGraw’s Not a Moment Too Soon album. Did you know that Tim McGraw received the NIAF Special Achievement Award in Music in 2004?

Number 1: A Country Boy Can Survive By Hank Williams Jr.

My list of top 10 country songs wouldn’t be complete without A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Junior. Believe me, it was a difficult choice to make between this song and Williams’ Family Tradition. I can fondly remember my friends linking arms (especially the guys – after a few beers of course) and belting this song out many times at our bonfires. (Good thing our neighbors live more than a mile away) One of these friends even named their dog after good old Hank.

Hank Williams Jr., born by the first name of Randall, is the son of one of country music’s most well-known pioneers, Hank Williams. He’s known for being able to play at least 11 different instruments including the fiddle and guitar. Over time, Jr. grew out of his father’s shadow and has made quite a name for himself in country music.

A Country Boy Can Survive was released in 1982 as a single and reached number two on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles Chart. If you’re a true country music fan, you may also know Hank Williams Jr. as Bocephus, but do you know how and why he earned that nickname? His father gave him the nickname which refers to a ventriloquist dummy once part of comedian Rod Brasfield’s act at the Grand Old Opry.

What’s Your Favorite Country Song to Play at a Bonfire?

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