Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

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This is an attractive and beautiful thing to have in your home.  The fireplace is 50 inch wide with flames which are very much realistic.  The product is highly efficient and cost effective (since it operates on LED technology).

Touchstone Fireplace

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As a user you do not need to bear any cost pertaining to oil and natural gas.  The Mercury free LED bulb makes the fireplace safe for both your pets as well as kids. In a nutshell the product will serve as a unique decor item in your room.  It will also turn out to be a useful asset in the cold and windy nights of your locality.

Features Of Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

This wall mounted electric fireplace is equipped with 2 different heat settings i.e. low and high.  The heating power of the product is very efficient and this can be understood from the fact that the product can heat up room of 400 feet with ease. The product blows the heat from the top of the unit which means that as a user you can easily control heat produced to develop an atmosphere which is cozy. 

  • The 5 flame illumination setting is another feature of this product. The brightness setting ranges from full raging light to dull glow. Of course the flames can be adjusted by you as per your required luminosity. The product has the ability to operate without heat too.
  • As mentioned already, the product has a realistic log set.  The realistic flames of the product are set up in crystals. These crystals are well preserved in a highly durable tempered glass with a black frame. The realistic log set results in smoke free air which is certainly a great advantage to have.
  • The product operates on LED technology which is both cost effective and environment friendly too. There are no batteries in the product.
  • The product has been designed for wall mounting hence its weight is only 46 pounds. The instruction manual is available and you need to follow these instructions to get the product easily installed. Once the product is fixed on the wall, you need to get in some drywall screws to get it secured. The installation of the product does not require any rocket science at all.
  • This high efficiency electric fireplace is safe and secure since there are no ashes etc. Your kids can even touch the LED light as it is cool as a cucumber.

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The product is very easy to install and option pertaining to the usage of pellets or woods is also available. Both can be used in the fireplace.

  • The heater and the flames can operate independent of each other which is a key advantage for many.
  • The fireplace is beautiful and the glowing logs add extra ambience to the product.
  • The remote control of the product is not that difficult to use.
  • The time function is a thing which is very helpful for you as a user. You can set up the time and go to sleep without worrying about switching off the product.
  • The packaging of the product is very secure. The company also provides important accessories along too such as wood screws, wall mount and wall hooks.


  • The width of the unit is 50″ however the heater duct is only 5″. The heater duct is too small and may not produce the right amount of heat required to kill the chill.
  • The product can be noisy during operation however the situation is not that irritating once you get used to it.

Final Note

The Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace is certainly not a bad product to have in your home. Not only does it provide a warm atmosphere in a safe way rather it also adds an extra decor in your living room or bedroom. For garage, we recommend to not use a fireplace, but you may install a gas powered wall mount heater there. 

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