Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces (50 Inches)

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If you are looking for a unique decor in your home and if you really want to create an impression on your guests then mounted electric fireplace is the product which you should be purchasing.

As the name indicates, the item is more of a fireplace however the only difference is that as opposed to a traditional fireplace, this fireplace can be hung on the all.

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces

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You can get the product installed in your living room, office and even in your bedroom.  The famous brand Touchstone has manufactured this amazing innovation.  This is truly an awesome piece of art to have in your room.

Features Of Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace

As the name indicates this is an electric fireplace heater which has been specifically developed for fixing on walls. The decor of your room immediately gets enhanced by the black frame of the fireplace. The black frame gives a seriously modern and sleek look to your room.  The fireplace covers a space of 50 inches. 

  • The item is ideal for cool weather. There are 2 heating mechanisms in the product (high and low). The upper front area is equipped with the heat vents.  The item is a practical and functional fixture since the level of heat can be adjusted as per your requirements. The heating ability of the item is exceptional. It can make the environment toasty in extreme cold and can keep it warm during slight chill.
  • Mounted Electric Fireplace is home to crystal and faux logs which actually creates a feel of authentic nature.  The operational energy consumed by the item is 1500 watts along with a voltage of 120. The fireplace has the capability to heat up a room as large as 400 feet. As a user it is ideal that you should place the product 12 inches below your ceiling.  Similarly do not fix the product underneath a television screen as this can affect its heating.
  • The Mounted Electric Fireplace has different brightness options and it is up to your choice what kind of brightness level you require.
  • The flames of the fireplace give a reality effect with three different coloring choices i.e. blue-orange, orange and blue. Through a remote control, the flame and heat settings can be operated.
  • The product functions without batteries.

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The product can be installed with ease and you do not need to be an expert in this regard. An instruction guide is very much there and you simply have to follow that to get the right results. You also do not require a technician for its installation. As an owner you can do this job on your own as well.

  • The product has several modes which help in the catering of your desired temperature. The dual heat modes of the fireplace give it the leverage to operate without or with heat emitting.
  • To avoid any accidents, you can also use the timer option available. It operates just like the timer of an air conditioner. Simply set the time and the fireplace will automatically switch off as per your set directions. 


  • There have been cases where both the units did not have any remote once the package was opened.
  • Packaging issues have been reported where the plastic advertisement on the glass is so strongly attached that it is very difficult to get it off.

Final Note

Mounted Fireplace is overall a safe invention to have in your room. Unlike traditional fireplace which has various safety issues attached to it, this particular product has artificial flames which means there is no threat of burn out injuries etc.

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