Ventless Portable vs Vented Fireplace – Which One Is Perfect For You

When you are considering a fireplace for your space, you have plenty of choices out there. Sure some will purchase just on look, but it is always best to purchase on need. There are distinct differences between a ventless portable and a vented fireplace. You just have to decide which one is best for your living room. So we are going to save you some time by going over things to consider when choosing. Hopefully making your decision easier for you.

Ventless Or Vented - Let's Decide

Size of Your Living Room

First thing to consider is the size of your living room. If you have a large living room either will be a great choice. However, if you are running tight on space a vented will probably not be a good choice for you. Since vented requires more space due to the venting needed.

Already Vented?

If you have a living room that already has an existing set up for a fireplace, then replacing with a vented is an option. However, if your living room has no set up for a vented fireplace then you are talking about some extra money being spent. You would have to have someone come in and put in a venting system to accommodate a vented fireplace. If you are budgeted it may not be an option, if you don’t have a budget than that is fine.

That is where a ventless electric heater is great. There is no need for a vent, so no extra cost of venting. Also having to have a venting system limits placement. With a ventless, you can place virtually anywhere. 

When Safety Is Key

Reason for needing a venting system with a vented fireplace is to remove harmful gases, fumes, soot, smoke and etc., to an outside area. Sure most do their job well, but there is always a safety risk there. Do you really want that sitting on your mind? With a ventless you don’t have that worry, there are some ventless that omit no harmful chemicals into the air at all. 

Children or Pets?

If you have children or pets a vented usually floor level fireplace may not be an option. It can be another safety issue. Whereas a ventless electric fireplace also comes in wall mounts and smaller units that can be placed on shelves, counters and etc. That way it can be place up and out of the way of little hands and furry paws.

Maintenance Costs

When it comes to the maintenance costs, a vented does need to be inspected from time to time to make sure everything is in good condition. Whereas a non-vented virtually in most cases needs no maintenance.  

Final Note

So I guess the best bet is, if you want something stationary and you don’t need the option to move. Plus, you are not concerned about size then a vented may be for you. If you would like one that can be moved or you don’t want the extra cost of putting in a venting system, then a ventless gas fireplace is a better choice.

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