Vornado AVH10 Review – Vortex Quiet Heater

The Vornado AVH10 is one of the next generation heaters for the whole room space heaters. This is really a modern room heater which is very much stylish on the outside hints with a stylish look. With auto climate control it adjusts and ensures a balanced room heat with a comfortable temperature. Though the room temperature is rightly adjusted, the exterior of the heater still remains cool. 

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Vornado AVH10 Review With Feature Details

Vortex working action

 The AVH10 Vornado quiet heater is such a wonderful appliance that tuned the airflow that is termed as Vortex Action. It creates a twist in the airflow that goes fast and creates gentle warmness. It helps to circulate the air throughout the whole room from its ceiling to every nook and corner. Its very simple to control it by pushing the button to select your heat setting (2 heat setting and a Fan set also). This will help to control your energy consumption. Choose your desired power setting between 750W and 1500W. 

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Heating process

This cool device will warm your small or medium-size room very gently and smoothly. It does that without creating any intense heat. It’s working process is similar to the working process of a forced-air furnace. Surely it does it on a smaller scale. 

Automatic Climate Control device

This is a smart choice as it does many things automatically. It can measure the room condition and fix how much heat is needed to make this room environment comfortable. According to your need, it will adjust the room temperature.

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Heat efficiency

Its heat efficiency is also perfect. Its highest capacity 1500W and low capacity 750W along with a fan option to create expected output and make energy consumption. 

Provides heat safety

Safety first. It’s a worldwide concept now. In the case of any electrical device, there is no alternative to safety measures availability. In this device there are advanced level safety measures has been ensured. It has a cool-touch outside, system controlled tip-over protection and obviously an automatic shut off as safety emergency. 

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Supportive criteria

This device has been made by keeping in mind the US customers’ needs. It is very much reliable for US voltage requirements, tested properly, certified by an appropriate authority and protected by 5 years warranty. It is so cool appliance to enjoy a comfortable environment at home. Its performance shows a hassle-free service. It is also supported by Andover, KS a good service provider authorization. 

Vornado Vortex AVH10 Vs Vornado SRTH

Though it’s very unusual to make a comparison between Vortex AVH 10 and Vornado SRTH. SRTH is not very much suitable for bigger spaces. It takes a little bit more time to create heat. In comparison, AVH10 is better for medium and bigger rooms. It has a rectangular shape. It is a very noise-free device and serves very gently. 

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SRTH has a tower shape design and it can’t produce quick heat rather it’s a little bit slow appliance. AVH10 has the highest and lowest capacity as per the other perfect room heaters. Whereas it’s capacity is not that much higher but it is more energy-efficient. Vornado Vortex is also a very energy efficient and good service provider. It can control itself as per climate situation. 


  • Whole room heat circulation within a short time
  • Two types of heat setting. Highest 1500 W and lowest 750 W.
  • Additional fan setting 
  • Easy to handle with push-button and digital display
  • Controlling system for climate automatically
  • The case is a cool touch 
  • Safety shut off button to ensure the critical situation 
  • It has integrated cord wrap
  • The satisfaction of 5 years warranty 
  • Very silent service provider 


  • Should avoid for a very big room

Final thought 

If you are thinking to buy a new space heater for your home. Surely Vornado Vortex AVH 10 is one of the best options for you. You can review if from another perspective. This device will give you a comfortable service and make your home more enjoyable.