Vornado AVH2 Plus Review – Is It Worth Buying?

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For heating an entire room with great effectiveness, Vornado AVH2 Plus heater is really a great option for you. With a height of 11.98 inches is a cool device to use for your room for getting your desired warmness. 

It can circulate 5118BTUs of appurtenant warm air from the floor to each and every corner of the room ranging the spaces from 75 to 150 square feet. The powerful fan of the device delivers heat and the automatic climate control sets the temperature as per the demand of the situation.

Why should you go with this Vornado AVH2 plus Review?

There are lots of positive issues why should you go for Vornado AVH2. It’s such a supreme appliance that you will be pretty relaxed after having your copy. Let’s have a glance why should you go for that.

No Assembly needed: This device is ready at the same time to provide service for you. It doesn’t need any assembling. So, you can use it just after getting it in your hand. 

Fan only mode can make you relaxed: You can use this device without any hassle of adjusting its function. You can turn off the heat function for using it all round the year. 

Vornado Review

Set your timer: You can easily program the timer as per your desired function. You can set the program to shut it off between 1 to 12 hours in a single hour increment. 

It’s a two power level program: Depending on your need you can easily set the lowest 750 watts or 1500 watts as the highest level. The level of heat will serve you silently but very effectively. 

Portable design: A compact and wonderful design is always desirable for a customer to get a good exposure in your home. Vornado AVH2 is a very lightweight device with just a weight of 4.06 pounds. It is very easily carried room heater which you can move from one room to another easily. 

Convenient carrying handle: If you want to make multiple uses of this device, it is quite possible. It is so handy that you can easily carry it from your home to your office. 

Long power cord: It becomes a dilemma for the customer with some products which don’t have a long cord. Vornado AVH2 has a 6-foot-long and 2 prong power cord which ensure its placement anywhere in the room. 

Push buttons: Things never can be so easy like controlling this device. You can easily change the setting with simple buttons placed on it with the help of a digital screen. 

Floor heater: This device you should keep on the floor. Placing it on a table is not suitable. 

Noticeable other issues: it is a fan-forced heating device. It can’t be connected through Wi-Fi. You shouldn’t place it in the bathroom. It has a programmable and adjustable thermostat. It also can’t be controlled by remote. 

Protected with warranty: A five-year-long warranty helps to build up a very good trustworthy relationship between this device and the customer.


  • Very lightweight 
  • Heat can be produced effectively within a very short time
  • It can heat differently. It works gently and produces a very comfortable environment
  • The two-way heating system produces heat efficiently
  • Auto climate control is available 
  • Advanced safety features and cool-touch exterior
  • Produced by the requirement of US Voltage requirements


  • Not suitable fora  very big place 
  • No wi-fi or remote control system

Vornado VH200 Vs Vornado AVH2

Vornado VH200 is a very cool appliance as a space heater. It has three heat setting variations. It is very much small space friendly and also a good device for the children’s or pet’s safety. It also has an automatic shut off system. In comparison, Vornado AVH2 is a very lightweight device that you can use at home and office as well. 

It has two heating system program. It is very good for a smaller place to create gentle warmness. Both the device is very efficient and energy saver. 

Final thoughts

Vornado AVH2 is a heater that can be your ideal choice with its effective features. You can rely on it easily. Its performance will surely make your home a comfortable one in winter. Gentleness and smooth service is its unique aspects.

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