Vornado Glide Vortex Reviews

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Space heaters are always a great tool for your home. It becomes more useful when it makes warm as per your specific requirement rather than making warm the whole area. Vornado Glide Vortex heater is a cool appliance and may the right choice for your home. If you are alone this stylish space heater may be a very good choice for your room.

Vornado Glide Vortex Heater Reviews

Vornado Glide Vortex Heater Reviews

Since there are lots of electric heaters in the market, we admit that because of its marvelous design and utility services. Measuring 9.3×9.2×8.2 inches, it is a great portable product to move it around the home. You can take it wherever in your home to spend time in a relaxed way. 

Marvelous Pedestal Design

Vornado Glide features are different from another traditional types of heaters. It’s a 3.3 pound elevated steel and pedestal system for remain stable. Natural wood is fitted under it along with skid-resistant rubber at the bottom that prevents from slippery floors.

This heater can tilt 20 degrees so that you can have warmth from a remote corner of the room. You can easily move it to the direction where you need heat exactly. 


Its adjustable thermostat is another good thing regarding this heater. You will be able to program the heat according to the variable thermostat to get the best feedback. You also can use in conjunction with two fan speeds to get a high or low graded temperature. 


Like Vornado’s other heaters Glide also uses the same technology to heat the air of all the room simultaneously. It is termed as outfit’s Vortex Action technology. This system actually means that it blows much air from a wide range of scattering which helps to gear up the heat within the shortest possible time. This technology won’t heat a particular place rather it will spread the heat smoothly to all the nook and corner of the room. 

Specification of Glide Vortex heater

It is capable for using Wi-Fi


Type of technology

Fan forced


5,118 BTUs


25 cm


20 cm


25 cm

Heating Area

Approximate 75 to 150


3Kg 600 Grams

Types setting mode

2 modes

Is it bathroom friendly



Not adjustable

Controlling mode


Remote control


Is there any timer?



Handle available


Black (Multicolor not available)

Features To Be Considered Carefully

  • Tip-Over Protection: If it is in the situation of the accident the tip over protection system will make sure that the power is cut off. So, it’s a very useful feature to remain safe from any unwanted accident
  • Safety Grille: A lightweight tight safety grille is another unique feature of it. It will protect the kid’s finger from being hurt. 
  • Exterior with cool touch: Many devices become heated after using a couple of hours. But Glide Vortex is an exception. It’s exterior remains cool even after being used for a long time.
  • Power Cord: The 2-prong with six feet long power cord will make your task easy to set up it your desired place or comfortable place. It will save you from tripping problems.
  • 2 heating system: There is two heating system for this heater. The high is 1500 watt and the low is 750 watts. It will also help your task easily.
  • Warranty: This device is backed by 5 years warranty will help you to keep trust on it for further performance. 


1. It is easily movable. It has a long power cord which will help to place it in distant places from you.

2. Control the warmth with the thermostat. You can easily control the temperature of the room

3. It has pedestal support which will help you to place it comfortably

4. 2 fan speeds up until he warmth quickly. 

5. It is perfect for smaller places.

6. It has safety grilles for the kids

7. This heater is also very friendly for pets.


1. May not fulfill your expectation for bigger places 

2. This should not be used in bigger places

Final Note

Vornado Glide Vortex heater is a very good and appropriate space heater for your room. The features and specifications show that clearly. For having maximum benefit you can go for it. You also can check other Vornado products here.

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