Vornado Heaters Reviews in 2022

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Cold weather comes every year, and our mission is to prepare our readers with factual information so they can choose the best heaters for their warmth.

To review the Vornado line of heaters we asked several people to try some of these heaters and tell us what they thought of them.

Vornado Heater Reviews will give you an insight into the different types of Vornado heating appliances. It will help you choose the right Vornado heater for your home.

The guide will also provide you with information on how to install, maintain and repair your Vornado heater.

It will help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing a Vornado heater.

Vornado Heater Reviews 2022

1. Vornado Heat EH1-0092-69 VH200 Vortex Heater


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This Vornado heater is small, yet powerful. It weighs 4.74 pounds and measures 10.4 inches x 12.6 inches x 12.6 inches. That makes it small enough to sit on a tabletop or counter.

It is designated as a personal heater because of its small size. It has three heat settings for you to choose from.  The lowest heat setting is 750 watts, and then there is an 1125 watt setting, and a 1500 watt setting.

The heater is perfect for use around small children or pets because the exterior housing remains cool to the touch. There is no chance of accidental burns from touching the outside of the heater. This feature also means that the heater is not likely to cause a fire in your home.

Another great safety feature about this unit is the automatic shut off. If the heater gets turned over onto its back or side it will automatically shut off. Your heater will not accidentally start a fire because it was knocked off of a table or counter. (Read full review)

If your heater were to ever over-heat the unit will automatically shut itself off. These safety features, combined with the temperature control, and the mechanical thermostat, will allow you to add extra heat in any room of your home.

2. Vornado Glide Vortex Heater


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This heater provides you with the heat you need to keep a small to medium size room comfortable. This is a forced-air appliance so the heat is spread out across the room, and the space close to the heater is not hotter than the rest of the room.

There are two heat settings to choose from, a low 750-watt setting and a high 1500 watt setting. These settings allow you to increase the amount of heat the unit produces, and to also control the amount of electricity the unit uses.

The heater has a steel base that is supported by wooden feet to give it an aesthetically pleasing sense of style. (Read full review)

The heater is positioned on a smooth gliding axis that provides you with the option of pointing the unit up or down dependent upon where you want the heated air to be concentrated.

The heater has the latest in safety technology designed into it. It has an exterior that does not get hot so you can touch it without being burned. It has a tip over safety shutoff, and an overheat safety shutoff. This is a safe appliance to use in any room of your home.

3. Vornado VMH600 Whole Room Heater


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This is a small heater designed to heat a small to medium size room. It can be used to provide extra heat to areas of a larger room, so you can create a comfortable temperature without turning the thermostat on your central heating unit to a higher setting.

If one member of the family likes warmer temperatures this is perfect to place near their favorite part of the room.

You get two heat settings to choose from, a low of 750 watts, and a high setting of 1500 watts. The heater also has a fan-only setting and a 12 hour timer so you can go to bed, or leave the house.

Know that the heater will shut off in a 12 hour time frame. That timer feature helps to reduce energy consumption and make the heating of your home even cheaper to do. (Read detail review)

When you set the temperature you wish to keep your room the automatic sensors keeps track of the temp in the room and shuts off, or turns back on to maintain that precise temperature.

There is a digital display on the upper corner of the device to show you what temperature setting you have chosen.

4. Vornado SRTH Small Room Tower Heater


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This is a personal space, or small room, electric powered heat source. It can be positioned on top of a table, or directly beside a chair or seating area.

It has cooled to the touch technology so it will not cause an accidental burn if you were to come into contact with the exterior of the device.

This unit has two heat settings to choose from, a low setting of 450 watts and a high setting of 900 watts. The device also has a fan-only setting if you need a little more air circulation in one portion of the room.

You can set this unit up in a bedroom for worry-free heat. The heater has a four-hour timer that will assure you that it will not run all night long.

It has an automatic safety shut off feature, and if the device were to be knocked over it will also shut off. You can feel safe leaving this device heating your room while you sleep. (Read full review)

The air outlets of this unit are uniquely designed to allow air to circulate more effectively. The heater is whisper quiet and will not disturb you if you are watching television or trying to sleep.

5. Vornado Quiet Vortex Heater


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This dynamic little heater is designed to heat a 300 square foot room. It is capable of circulating the warm air it creates all around the room. Your room is comfortable close to the heater and away from the device.

This heater has two control settings, a high heat setting of 1500 watts, and a low heat setting of 750 watts. (Read full review)

It is energy efficient and allows you to keep the thermostat of your central unit on a lower setting, but still be comfortable. All of the latest safety technology has been put to use in the design of this heater.

If the heater is tipped over or knocked from the table it is resting on it will automatically shut off. If the heater were to become overheated the unit will automatically shut off.

The exterior of the heater stays cool to the touch so it can sit on a tabletop or be in a room where children or pets may be present. 

The device has hidden cord storage so you can keep the cord untangled when you store this item for the summer months.

It has a digital display on the top of the device that shows you what temperature the heater is set to maintain. It will automatically control the temperature of the room to that setting by shutting down heat production and turning it back on when the room temperature falls.

6. Vornado AVH2 Plus Whole Room Heater with Automatic Climate Control


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This heater gives you a variety of options in how you will use it. It has a fan only setting for those times when you need a small amount of air circulated instead of extra heat. It gives you a low heat setting of 750 watts and a high heat setting of 1500 watts. (Read full review)

It also has a 12 hour timer control. This timer control can be set when you are going to bed, so even if you forget the heater while you are up and dressing in the morning hours the unit will not run all day.

This electric heater has several safety features that are designed for your protection. The heater will not overheat no matter how long it does run continuously because it has a protective feature that will shut it off if it overheats. 

The unit is cool to the touch on the exterior so it will not burn a tabletop if a piece of fabric brushes it a fire will not erupt, and if the device comes into contact with human skin it will not cause a burn. 

The last feature is an automatic shut off that kicks in if the heater gets turned over, falls to its side, or gets knocked off the table. If this heater is not standing upright on its base then it automatically shuts off.

7. Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater


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This is an effective heat solution that will circulate warm air throughout a small to medium size room. It does not use an intense heat at the unit but uses vortex air circulation to take the heat created and push it into every corner of the room. You can easily sit beside the heater without getting too much heat. 

This is an extremely quiet unit. When it is operating you will be able to sleep, watch television, or just enjoy a quiet room.

It has a high heat producing setting of 1500 watts and a lower heat producing setting of 750 watts. It also has a fan only setting for air circulation.

This heat source can sense how much heat it needs to create in order to maintain the temperature you select. The digital display at the top of the unit tells you what temperature you have selected.

The heater turns on the heat when the room temperature falls below the selected temp and turns off the heat produced when the room is at the selected temperature. This is a money-saving feature because it controls electricity consumption. 

The unit has all of the latest safety features. It has a cool exterior when it is running, and it has a safety off feature in case it is tipped over, or in case of overheating.

8. Vornado MVH Vortex Heater with 3 Heat Settings


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This heater has three temperature settings for you to choose from. You have the choice of a low setting of 75 watts, a slightly higher setting of 1125 watts, and the highest setting of 1500 watts.

You can use the setting to customize the heat production and limit the energy consumption of the device.

The heater has an internal thermostat that has seven distinct settings. The internal thermostat can shut the heat production on and off to keep the room temperature at the internal setting you have chosen.

This is a worry free electric heat source. It will automatically shut off if it is not standing on its base. It will automatically shut off if it overheats. It will remain cool on the outside so there is not a possibility of accidental burns from the simple contact.

You can use it to create a portion of a large room that is warmer, so one family member can enjoy more heat than the other members. You can use it in a small room like a bathroom, or on a desk, or in a bedroom. It is a safe, durable, heat unit that will help lower your energy cost and increase your physical comfort.

About Vornado

Vornado is a brand name that was restored to manufacturing health in 1989 by Michael Coup. At that time Vornado began to operate as Vornado Air Circulation Systems. The goal of Vornado was to create appliances that were beneficial, safe, and affordable.

Since the restructuring of the Vornado manufacturing, the company has designed fans, heaters, and other appliances that people can use in their homes to keep the room temperatures at a comfortable level.

They also manufacture items to help control the humidity issues that people often experience in their homes. Vornado wants to make you comfortable and able to fully enjoy your home no matter what season of the year it is.

Vornado strives to keep up with the latest technology so their appliances can be the safest appliances possible. They install cool to the touch technology on heating units to help prevent burns and fires, and they install automatic shutoff features that kick in if their heating units are ever put into a compromising position.

Vornado started in Wichita and is now based in Andover, Kansas. The founder of Vornado was Ralph K. Odor and Ottis A. Sutton. They chose Vornado for a name because it is a mixture of Vortex and Tornado, and their fan circulation is vortex forced.

Final Note

Vornado creates a large variety of heaters that can be used in your garage, home or office. They take pride in installing all of the latest safety features in their products so your home is safer. The Vornado heaters are designed to provide comforting warmth without worry.

The small heaters can be used to heat a personal space or used to provide heat for a small to medium size room. They are energy efficient, stylish, and will keep your feet warm. Hope this Vornado heater reviews will help you to choose the best one.

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