Vornado SRTH Review – Small Room Tower Heater

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By this time you already know about the brand value of Vornado, in this post we will talk about Vornado SRTH Small Room Tower Heater which is already become a favored one for its customer for its different kind of design and minimal control. It’s more a personal heater rather than a wide room heater. It has the superb capability within its potentiality. 

Vornado SRTH Reviews With Features

Vornado SRTH Reviews

Combination of Power and Design

Vornado SRTH is a very powerful device. You will get your expected warmth due to it. Its arch shape design will give you heat from every angle from inside. Since the heater provides heat by moving its body like a pendulum with a curved structure inside, it circulates the heat evenly all around you. 

Care About Using 

Whenever you will use this device keep it with you. If you use it in a low setting, shut the door of your room. It is termed as a small room heater. So, playing it in open space may put pressure on it. If you place it high, you will get extra privileges from it. But you should be assured that it is a very powerful device to serve you as it can give you warmth as expected in comparison with the larger space heaters. 

Whenever you want to circulate the room air without adding any heat, you will find a fan setting. In that case, it will give an output of air without any heat. You should be well informed about the fact that there is no thermostat in this heater, so you can’t unturned it until it reaches up to a certain temperature level for your full satisfaction. 

Usage of fuel

Even though it doesn’t have a high setting of 1500Watt which may make you a little bit confused, still it is a superb item for its energy efficiency quality. It needs a very small amount of electricity to run on. So, it saves a lot. If you run this heater for a long time, you don’t need to be worried as it will cost you like the low setting of other space heaters. 


It has a 6 feet power cord which will help you to place it from you. It should be fitted in an AC wall outlet so that you may remain safe. Remember don’t use an extension cord with it. 

Before placing it you should be careful about the place you want to keep it. It badly needed a flat surface. It has a tip-over safety switch which may turn it off if it is curved or tilt more than 10 degrees. If it is not placed on a flat surface it may not turn on. It may not be a good experience if you don’t place it on the right surface. 

You will find that at the top of it there is a dial in the center and by keeping it only on fan mode by shutting the heater. After the heater is on you will find orange light which will turn into the red if it tilts more. 

Weight and size

This heater is produced for small scale use and the size and weight reflect that. As it is tower shape, its height is 12 inches with a depth of 6 inches. It is a very lightweight device with just 2.6 pounds. So, it will be very convenient to move it around.


  • Very low energy consumption 
  • Controlled by power mode, fan mode, heat mode
  • Timer buttons
  • The body is made of plastic 
  • Very lightweight 
  • Lucrative shape and size 


  • Is not perfect for a bigger place
  • Takes time to create heat 

Final thought

Vornado SRTH is a nicely designed space heater suitable for smaller rooms. It can tilt and move around for spreading heat smoothly though it takes some more time than other Vornado heaters. This heater can be a good appliance in your home.

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