Vornado VH200 Vortex Reviews – Model EH1-0092-69

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Vornado Reviews

Vornado VH200 is a whole room heater that has turned into an excellent one. This is a superb device to keep your costs within the limit.

This awesome room heater has a thermostatic knob to control its temperature.

Your task will be very much easy for controlling the temperature of this heater with just turning a simple knob.

Then you will get the heating throughout the whole room equally by this heater.

Vornado VH200 Reviews

Automatic and Noise-Free

Most of the traditional heater makes heat directly around the heating coil. On the other hand, Vornado outputs, a very stable and regular flow of gentle heat which will give you the best feeling of warmth. This is a noise-free heater that won’t anyway disturbs your sleep and its safety features will give you a safe feeling without any hazard. If the heat is tipped over a switch automatically cuts the heat and power to the heating unit.

Unique Design

Its unique design will increase the beauty of your home and you will consider it as an impartial element in your home. Another extremely good feature is that the device remains cool after being served for a couple of hours. So you easily can rely on it for your home service. Five-year warranty will ensure you worry-free service for years after years. Vornado VH200 may be your best choice.

Our Testing

We also have a good experience with the lab test. Space heater like Vornado VH200 is rated as the top one in multiple criteria. Its output is based on the wattage of the manufacturer’s declaration. It was verified during the testing in the lab. Its cooling system is very fast and effective as it just can create warmth within 15 minutes.


  • Weight- 4 lbs

  • Safety switch- Tip-over available

  • Fan available –yes

  • Remote controlling system –No

  • Is there any Oscillating- No

  • Warranty available- 5 years

  • Having Multiple Fan speeds- No

  • GFCI- No

  • Is there any wheels- No

Size and Range

With the Vornado VH200 room heater, the warmth is will come in a steady mode. Its height is just 10.6 inch which will give you a flexible heating experience with 7 heat settings. You will also get 5118 BTUs if necessary with its 3 fan settings in three categories high, medium and low. The heat will move within 75 to 150 square feet with the range of temperature of 98 to 120 degree F. Some other cool features of it are cool-touch housing, grille are finger-friendly and many more.


You should close the heating vent inside the bedroom, living room with many people’s choice Vornado VH200. There are 7 temperature selections. When the room temperature will reach your favored destination, you can keep it shut.

You can find the speed of the fan with the rocker switch which is set up on top. Among the three fan speeds such as low 750 watts and the highest 1500 watts to get your desired heating output.


  • Vortex heat circulation for the whole room with gentle warmth.

  • It is operated by 3 heating system.

  • It is a great energy saver. You just heat the room when you are in.

  • It is operated by an automatic safety closing system which will save your utility cost.

  • It has a tip-over protection system.

  • There is a case which can cool with a touch.

  • Its limited sound is lower than a whisper.

  • For your mental calmness, 5 years’ warranty will surely do the best.

  • The six-foot power cord will help you to move around easily.

  • The grille is tight which will protect the curious finger of the kids.

  • The power indicator light will help you detect the power on or off and its variations.


  • It should not be purchased for bigger space.

  • It can’t be fixed.

Final Note

Your room will be like an envelope of comfortable warmth with Vornado VH200. It can ensure your full satisfaction. I am recommending this heater for a smaller room. If you need to know more about the other Vornado heater options, don’t forget to read this article.

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