Vornado VMH600 Review – Whole Room Stainless Steel

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One of the most impactful and stirring space heaters in the Vornado family is VMH600. It an 11.7-inch-high, stainless steel body that can stand freely is not the same as other conventional room heaters. With a gorgeous design it has become a very popular room heater especially for bedrooms and offices with an area of 75 to 150 square feet. 

Vornado VMH600 Reviews – Details of Features

Vornado Stainless Steel

Feature Energy Sync

You can easily set your room temperature according to your wishes and need. With the help of remote control system you will be able to run your device with a hassle freeway. By pressing the light bulb button, you can easily identify how much or little energy the heater is using.

You will be able to know about the energy level is being used by the color scale. This thing will give you the independence to know about the temperature you need easily. The orange light shows the usage of the highest wattage and purple shows the usage of low  wattage. 

Other  important programmable features

The  digital display set on the top of  unit will help you for easy setting changes in the  device. Another LED display will clearly show your set temperature of the room. Some other programmable settings are the great tools of this device.

Digital thermostat

It has a digital thermostat which is very easy to set. You should just push the  +/- to set your exact room temperature. It’s so user-friendly that even a kid can run it very comfortably. So, you never will have any worry to control this device. 

Two way of heat  setting

In an extra cool day you can easily set  the highest watts that means 1500 watts will be a  bigger room. A low watt of 750 also can give you a very comfortable level of heat in a normal day. 

Auto off timer

Timing of working of a space heater is very important. So, you easily can do that in Vornado heaters. You can set the turn off option at least 12 hours ago to make sure that it doesn’t run for extra time unnecessarily. 

Whole room heating capacity

Vornado is very well known for its impressive technical quality and service. You may not find this superb quality in other heaters. This heater uses vortex technology which ensures a quick heat and comfort inside the room with a powerful fan operation. 


This is a very lightweight device with just 9.8 pound. It also uses automatic climate control which will help you to set the thermostat easily. The cycle of on and off will help you to run this device in a more comprehensive way. 


  • Remote control- Remote is included with it
  • Automatic safety shut off: If overheating, it will automatically shut off
  • Fan only mode: It can cool down a stuffy room though it is not used all round the year
  • Cord length control: When not in use cord can be hid
  • Power cord: Six foot length with 3 prong power cord makes the work easy
  • Handle for carrying: A good catchy handle help to move it easily
  • Safety protection: If has automatic safety protection if tipped over
  • Safety grill: Its grill  is made of tight metal for the best  protection 
  • Warranty: A five year of warranty will keep you confident 


  • This device comes only in two heat  setting that means the low and high

Final thought

Undoubtedly Vornado is a good choice for the customers of space heaters. Vornado VMH600 is such a device that has own the heart of its customers. Its awesome design and automatic service capacity are the strongest part of this device. It is modern and good features of it will give you extra privileges.

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