Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand Review

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Finding a decent TV console is simple nowadays as everything is well within our reach. If you prefer then you can even purchase a suitable TV console or any other product for that matter online. However, do you know what will be a better idea? A TV stand with an artificial fireplace. One of the best TV stand with electric fireplace is Walker Edison fireplace tv stand.

Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand , Espresso, 58'

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It is a product that has been produced by a well-known manufacturer that screams quality. One of the best things about the Product stand is that it is available in a couple of different finishes. One is called “Espresso” while the other is simply “Black”.

Features Of Walker Edison Fireplace TV Stand Espresso

When you look at this electric fireplace then there are a couple of features that really stand out. Below you will find some of the most amazing features of the product.

  • First and foremost, this fireplace stand is a product that is constructed properly and is very strong. The TV console is fully capable of supported a 60” TV or smaller. In other words the console can sustain a weight of around 250 pounds.
  • Another amazing attribute that you will get with the Walker Edison TV console is the beautiful finish. As mentioned earlier, the product is available in two different finishes both of which are textured. Both of the colors of the product will look equally stunning in your living room so it really does not matter what you choose.
  • One of the main highlights of the item is the electric fireplace that it consists of. This fireplace is very different to your traditional fireplace because it is largely artificial. The fireplace is electric that produces heat and also gives a beautiful view of the flames.
  • The body of the TV console is constructed of high quality MDL and durable laminate. This gives it a really cool finish that looks good no matter where it is kept.
  • Another characteristic that the Walker Edison fireplace stand possesses is that you have the option of turning the heating system on or off. In addition to that you can turn on the ambiance of the flames without the heating.
  • The dimensions of this product are 16”X58”X25” which is not too big nor too small. This means you can easily find a suitable spot for your TV console in your home.
  • It also has a lot of storage space, it is equipped with two large cabinets and has open shelves. These places provide an ample amount of storage and organization space. This means that you can easily store your favorite discs and books safely in your console.

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The Product is certainly one of the most practical and useful TV console that you will find. It has a lot of merits and demerits alike.

  • One of the main advantages of this TV console is that it weighs very less; therefore the whole assembly process is not as difficult as compared to some other products of the kind.
  • You can also freely control the height of the console so that it matches your specifications.


  • The wood gives a feel that it can break any time
  • Assembling the fireplace can be difficult sometimes

Final Thought

These were some of the major things that you should know about the Walker Edison fireplace tv stand. This particular TV stand is one of kind and will look absolutely wonderful in your home no matter where you put it. The product is widely available in the market nowadays hence it is the right time to purchase it.

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