Wall Mount Fireplaces Pros And Cons | Why You Shouldn’t Buy?

Wall mounted fireplaces have become more popular over the last few years. Which make people wonder what the pro and cons of having one are. You can try and find the information for yourself but that is going to take you some time. So we are going to save you some time and give you the information you are looking for, by providing some of those pros and cons. Knowing both will give you the information on if a wall mounted will fit your needs and wants.

Wall Mounted Pros

First and most obvious pro of a wall mounted fireplace, well as the name says wall mount. You can bring your fireplace up and off the floor. Which can be good for many reasons such as putting at a better more natural viewing level. Another is to be able to bring up and out of the reach of children and curious pets. Gives you a wide array of placement options and saves you floor space.

No Mess!

If you don’t want to deal with the mess of a traditional fireplace, this is a great option. Since they don’t utilize logs. They also burn clean leaving you with no ash or soot to deal with either.

No Venting or Chimney Needed

Since wall mount fireplaces are clean burning, there is no need for a venting or chimney system.

No Harmful Fumes or Gases

Safe for people and pets since they are clean burning, there are no worries about inhaling harmful fumes or gases.

Space Saving

They save space by not needing venting or chimney. By mounting on the wall you are also saving floor space and using unused wall space. 

Saves You Money

There are a couple types of wall mounted fireplaces available. Electric is going to be your biggest money saver especially if you are planning on frequent use. The gel fuel wall mounts can cost over time since the fuel cans can add up quickly.

Realistic Flames

If you want a realistic flame show, wall mounts will give you a great show. They offer up some of the most realistic looking flames there are. 

No Having to Remodel

Since there is no need for installation, there is no money being spent on it. Saving you even more money, you can self-install the wall mount fireplaces with very little effort costing you nothing.

CONS of a Wall Mounted Fireplace

While there are not many cons to a wall mounted fireplace, it is only fair to mention them in conjunction to the pros mentioned above. One of the biggest cons of a wall mounted fireplace, is most don’t provide a ton of heat. So if you are looking for a high heat output, they may not be for you. While not typically overly heavy, they are wall mounted so you want to make sure you wall can hold the weight of one over time.

Final Note

Those are the top pros and cons to a wall mounted fireplace. The pros definitely out rank the cons in our book, but you are the final decision maker on if one is for you. They are a great option for many and many have fallen in love with them, so are you going to jump in and be the next one?

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