Which Above Ground Pool Is Perfect For You & How Often To Clean Pool Filter Cartridge

Which Above Ground Pool Is Perfect

Why should I get an above ground pool when I can buy a longer lasting in ground pool? Much to people’s surprise, above ground pools actually have many benefits compared to in ground pools! Please read out article ‘All you need to (or want to) know about above ground swimming pools‘ if that statement does not convince you!!

Above ground pools are:

  • Much cheaper
  • Cost less to operate
  • Can be completely winterized.Please refer to our article: ‘how to winterize your swimming pool‘in some cases can be drained and taken inside to protect it from harsh climates.

These are only a few reasons why above ground pools are sometimes preferred over in ground pools.

The real question is that which above ground pool is best for you? There are so many choices to choose from so how can you pick the one which is most suitable for you?

By taking into consideration

  • The equipment
  • Location
  • Material
  • Accessories.

You can pick the best pool for you.

The main thing you should look at when buying an above ground pool is whether the pump and filter equipment are correctly matched with your pool. It is very common for producers to mismatch equipment for cheaper production costs.

When buying an above ground pool, be sure to ask a professional whether the pump and filter are matched because this will save you a lot of money in the future when you don’t have to repeatedly clean dirt and algae which seems to be multiplying more and more everyday.

Next thing you should consider is the location of where you want your pool to be. Depending upon the location of your pool, you can get different kinds such as oval, round, or rectangular shaped pools. The most common above ground pools are round because they are easier to clean as well as maintain on a regular basis.

What you need to decide is which kind of pool is suitable for the amount of space you have. For instance, if you have a huge rectangular backyard, then a rectangular or oval pool would be best in order to make good use of the space. On the other hand, if your backyard is square then the best above ground pool for you would be square or round.

One of the most important things to look at while buying above ground pools is the material. You want to go for sturdy and durable such as the Intex 10’x 30” Metal Frame Pool Set which is made of strong, durable steel frames and powder coated for rust resistance.

A steel pool is very solid and will definitely last for 20+ years compared to an aluminum pool which is “flimsy” and more flexible and will probably need to be replaced within 10 years. Although aluminum pools are more expensive than steel, their main advantage is that they don’t rust which is sometimes a main factor for pool owners.

Last, but not least, the accessories provided with your above ground pool have to be considered as some retailers don’t give adequate accessories for the pool. The best thing to do would be to buy in ground pool accessories as they are stronger and last longer than above ground pool accessories.

By considering the equipment, location, material, and accessories of your above ground pool, you can pick the best pool for you which can be the most convenient for you. Above ground pools come in many shapes and sizes as well as materials so there are many choices to choose from in order to pick the best pool for you.

How often to clean their above ground swimming pool filter cartridges

How Often To Clean Pool Filter Cartridge

The first indicator that your above ground swimming pool filter needs to be cleaned, is quite obviously, the visual clarity of your swimming pool! Once dirt and debris starts to accumulate in your above ground swimming pool filter cartridge, the filter restricts the water flow and hence is not efficiently cleaning your pool water.

Another way to determine the effectiveness of your above ground swimming pool filter cartridge is your filter’s pressure indicator. The pressure indicator is a gauge or meter that is located on the outside of the filter housing.

The gauge indicates the maximum pressure at which your filter should operate. Make sure that the filter does not exceed the pressure indicated as the maximum point of your pressure gauge. As your filter cartridge begins to accumulate dirt and debris, it will not allow the pump to circulate the water effectively.

So as the pressure on your pump increases, less water is circulated through your system. This both increases the workload on your filter, but also reduces the quality of the water filtered in your above ground swimming pool.

Once the pressure increases by about 8-10 pounds per square inch (psi) over the baseline reading of your filter cartridge when you bought it, it is time to either clean or replace your above ground swimming pool filter cartridge.

Since filter cartridges are so cheap and easily replaceable, most people prefer to buy new filter cartridges for their above ground swimming pool. Nevertheless, if you decide to clean your above ground swimming pool filter cartridge, here are a few tips that will help in doing so.

Tip 1: Be sure not to use too much water pressure when cleaning your filter cartridge, as the pressure may actually push the debris further back into the filter cartridge.

Tip 2: Simply rinse off your filter cartridge. Your goal is to remove only the larger debris.

Tip 3: After rinsing out your filter, soak it in an alkaline based cartridge cleaning solution, and then rinse out again with water to remove any remaining debris.

By making sure that your above ground swimming pool filter cartridge is working properly, not only will you extend the life of your pump and your cartridge, but most importantly, your above ground swimming pool will have clean clear water!

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