Why Is My Heater Not Blowing Hot Air in My Car?

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Why Is My Heater Not Blowing Hot Air in My Car?

We all crave a bit of hot air during a cold winter day. Spending some comfortable time in your car seat as the hot air touches you feel relaxing. But what if you suddenly find out that the car heater isn’t blowing hot air. The news is bad enough to ruin your whole day.

Before thinking about replacing the heater parts, you may wonder why this happened in the first place. It didn’t happen magically.

Well, we will be talking about that here. Go through the whole thing as there is more than one reason behind the event.

Contamination in Cooling System

We should first explain what your car’s coolant system is about. To keep a balance of heat, the coolant has a combination of water and anti-freeze. This fusion is meant to stay in the accurate ratio inside the system. Otherwise, the coolant has chances of freezing during winter or overheating during summer.

As the coolant disposes of the additional heat from the engine, it may channel it to you through the heater during a winter day. But, as time passes, contamination may happen. As a result, the coolant may freeze, decreasing the ability of your heater. It can also cause overheating to the engine.

Damaged Heater Core

A heater core works the same way as the radiator of your car. It has complex arrays of wires and tubes. The only difference between a radiator and a heater core is where they blow the air. A heater core blows its hot air to the passenger compartment.

But your car’s heater core can get clogged up because of all the grid tubes. They can also leak, which decreases the amount of coolant. Because of this issue, your car’s passenger seat may not get the proper hot air. It may also fog up your windows and create puddles under the passenger floorboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can It Cost to Replace a Heater Core?

Depending on where you get the parts and labor from and what vehicle type you have, it can vary from $500 to $950.

What Are the Signs of a Damaged Heater Core?

If the heater core of your car is not working, it will create fog in your car windows. You may notice puddles under the passenger floorboards and the dashboard. You will stop getting hot air from your heater too.

Can the Blower Fan be the Reason Behind Why My Heater is Not Working?

Yes, the blower fan can be responsible here. It is the part that ventilates the warm air from the heater core to the passenger side. A faulty blower fan may not be able to flow any air through it.


The two reasons that we mentioned aren’t the only ones behind why your heater may not be working. There can be problems in other places, and only an expert will be able to tell. For example, your car’s thermostat may be stuck in a closed position. It will stop the coolant from flowing, which can result in an overheating engine and a broken heater.

If you see any issue like this, make sure to contact any mechanic. Otherwise, the situation may worsen, which is very dangerous.

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