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DH Heater
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This Tanktop Propane heater is a strong and quick device for bringing comfort, and a convenient environment for your outdoor spaces.

It can create heat and warm for your camping and hunting trips, events of a sporting, loading docks and many more options.

It’s a category type radiant heater which fuel consumption rate is also great. Its 20lb tank can serve for 30 to 52 hours.

It has a thermostat to control heat as per your wish. Considering all its quality features, it may be your ideal choice.

Features Of This World Marketing DH Propane Tank top Heater

Physical features & qualities

It has a dimension of LXWXH in 8X9 ¾  X 12 ¾. There is a blower included in it. It has an output of 15,000 BTU. It should be set at a corner clearance of 30, from the rear wall at 30 and also from the sidewall is 30. It does not have any remote control system. You will find three types of heat setting. It works on igniter Electronic spark type ignition. It needs direct venting. You can easily set the regulator and tip-over safety shut off has made it a favored one by the customer.

Nice and cost-effective

This is a cool outdoor device that will keep your place nice and cozy. Its dual heat propane Single Tank heater is really a versatile and cost-effective heater. This propane-based infrared heater works pretty quiet infrared system heating and doesn’t need any electricity.

The construction of this product is a tough task for the company but it works well for the customer. It is made of steel. You can enjoy 15,000 BTU anywhere outdoors when you run it. It will make your vacation outdoor trip an awesome one.

It can easily heat a room of 700 sq ft within a short span of time.  You can easily adjust the temperature to have your desired heat. If you take it with you outside on cool days, you will have the best friend with you.

Long time heating capacity

It has a big fuel tank of 20 lb propane cylinder which will make you free from hunting fuel again and again. It has a capacity of creating heat of 15,000 BTU which will give you the guarantee of extra comfort on your outing like camping or fishing in remote places. You can also use it in workshops for the workers and other outdoor activities. It will cost low in comparison with other devices.


  • It’s work on infrared technology
  • It has a good number of outputs
  • This Dura Heat Propane based heater which uses 20lb propane cylinder
  • It is built with heavy-duty steel
  • It is not electricity based. So, for outdoor use, it is truly perfect
  • In a quick time, it provides heat up to 15,000 BTU
  • It can easily heat up to 700 sq ft
  • The Model is TT15S
  • Unique for using in different situations 
  • Very perfect for camping, fishing, etc.
  • A good company for your family in remote places


  • Not suitable for home
  • Adjustable manually

DH Propane Tank top heater Vs Dyna-Glo BF30PMDG Liquid Propane

Though both the heaters are propane-based, their service process and quality are not the same. Dyna-Glo is very much suitable for garage, workshop, storage. It can create up to 30,000 BTU of heat within a quick time which has made it one of the best performers in case of large space heating. It can easily heat a place of over 1000 sq. ft.

It works on blue flame technology where the convection process is applied. It’s running cost is also very much in favor of the customer. But DH Propane is basically a space heater for outdoor activities. If you are on fishing, camping or in any outing DH Propane Tanktop is the best-suited product for you.

It can create warmth within a quick time of a space of 700 sq. ft. It is made of heavy-duty steel which makes it possible to set anywhere outside. No electricity is required to run this appliance. It will make your holiday more enjoyable and comfortable.

Final thought

This device is a good choice for outdoor use. When you are going outside and you need support for a space heater, you should have the option of DH Propane Tank top Heater Single. 

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